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Why you should Move from Blogspot to WordPress

Hello people, there are many blogging platform available all over the internet but there are two blogging platforms who are very popular and easy to use, the right meaning of blogging is to give a visitor or any person some information, Blogspot is very old and genuine platform for all the bloggers as it is associated with Google most of the people are friendly from it. WordPress is the revolutionary blogging platform and become popular in very short period.

Here, is am going to tell you that why one should have to move from Blogspot to WordPress. starting from the advantages blogspot providing to the people is a free subdomain name, free bandwidth and space with some free website themes, all those things are free of cost but still there are some of the limitations.

Limitations in Blogspot Platform.

There is no plugin installation for extracting the website for better performance, you can’t make your blog SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, to deal with good SEO you have to write a long post with great Keyword placement strategy. You can’t track your visitors unless your using Google Analytics.

Navigation is quite poor in blogspot and your visitor may got confuse or he/she will leave your website immediately.

There is no way to optimize your images and media files, also there is no cache cleaner and page optimization to less loading a website.

Designing is quite difficult for a blogspot website, as you have to be a good designer and if your not still you are designing at own risk you may loose the whole website, so you have to kept a Backup of your previous design before designing a new template.

Monetization, Google Adsense is a good monetizing platform but there are some of the companies and advertisers who are not dealing with a free website or a Subdomain website. although there are some of the points which may down you while blogging on a blogspot platform.

Why WordPress ?

In the case of WordPress there are some of the things which save your website from all above the quires. WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) yet we have, In the case of WordPress there are two WordPress platform which you have to understand well.

The two platform proving by WordPress is and , is as same as Blogspot you can grab a free subdomain name and start blogging but still there are good features in in compare to Blogspot.

Here, i highly recommend you to use you can use it if your having a web hosting account, to purchase the web hosting follow DreamHost (best hosting since) – Purchase a Web hosting is a complete back-end solution for a website, you can create post and add them to your choice category, which makes a visitor to navigate without any confusion, also you can install plugins for better performance and looks, There are many themes available in WordPress directory or you can purchase one from any third party.

SEO Friendly : if a website is not SEO friendly then there is no future of a website, most of the people come to your website from search engines and your website have to be SEO friendly, It increase your web ranking and also give fame to your blog. WordPress is best in SEO all you have to be just basic SEO Knowledge.

Above of that all it also help you to monetize your website with great widget placements and plugin interference which leads you to create a good money.

If you have any question about Blogspot to WordPress, you can comment below.

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