OG WhatsApp latest version, Now Use Two Whatsapp in One Device

OG WhatsApp latest version

Whats app is the largest social communication app till the date on the internet with over millions of users. the only advantage of using this app is that the app is very easy to use and also it works very fast in the mean of sending and receiving messages. you can group chat, send media and also now as per update version you can video call also, here am going to tell you about the OG WhatsApp latest version.

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Now, whats OG WhatsApp? OG Whatsapp is the third party application which works same as like WhatsApp but it is not authorized but it doesn’t mean it will affect your device. OG WhatsApp is the best alternative to WhatsApp nowadays. Usually, people now using dual SIM mobile phone and by installing OG WhatsApp latest version you are able to use WhatsApp on your both SIM numbers.

Download OG WhatsApp latest version

Download OG WhatsApp latest version from above link in your mobile phone and install it.

after installing the app, you need to verify your mobile number as same as while installing the Whatsapp.

after that, use the application and enjoy messaging on your both SIMs.

Use the above trick to access two WhatsApp in one mobile phone, more tricks to be revealed soon till then visit other posts and don’t forget to share your valuable comments.


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