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How to Make Money from YouTube without Adsense

Hello people, My name is Raj Bhardwaj and today am going to share a very easy method to make money from YouTube without adsense, basically many of YouTube users are have one major platform to make money and that’s Google Adsense, Adsense is one of the best platform to earn money from YouTube but still many of YouTube users are not getting Adsense approval and don’t get into earning money.

So, here are some of the points for all those YouTube users who are not having google adsense account, Make money from YouTube without adsense is slightly little bit tough but it’s all your passion and dedication which leads you to earn money. But, it’s my promise to you that you make money from YouTube without adsense even more from expectations.

Make Money from YouTube without Adsense
Make Money from YouTube without Adsense

Best Ways to Make Money from YouTube without Adsense

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best solution to earn money if you don’t have an adsense account. Affiliate marketing needs time and strategy but once you Digg on it, it will give you way more profit and money. People, who are not aware from affiliate marketing let me give you small and simple intro to Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is like refer some one and earn commission.

2. Paid Reviews

Many of products making companies, need genuine and good review for their products, so they hire reviewers who review their products. you can review the product, make a video and just upload it. company pays you for this but you must have ability to grab the views for video.

3. The Subscriber Factor

if your channel is having subscribers, you can collaborate with another video makers and approach them to publish their video on your channel. this is also called paid promotions.

4. Sponsors

If you are quite popular in your specific area, then approach company or individual who is quite relating to your video category. They sponsor your video if your ideas are good and you can grab a little share of money into your pocket.

5. Creativity always paid well

if your making a video song or any creative video, share the video with some of the iconic individual like film producers. if your work impress them, then sell the rights to them and earn money.

Above are some of the points which may help you to Make Money from YouTube without Adsense. if you have any other ideas, then must share ideas in below comment area.

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  1. Ganesh Murti says

    Great points, I don’t have adsense account and searching for alternatives since very long, thank you for this information.

    1. Raj Bhardwaj says

      Your Welcome @Ganesh

  2. Yassin Malik says

    This is very great info, as a youtuber i must say that this points surely helping me alot, thank you 🙂

    1. Raj Bhardwaj says

      Welcome @Yassin

  3. Shweta says

    i blog on please help me monetize my blog. Please reach me via email. I don’t know much about it

    1. Raj Bhardwaj says

      Your Blog is good, But i think you have to sign up for Adsense, it will surely help you to earn money 🙂 Good Luck

  4. suredanr says

    Thanks for this article

  5. Sujeet Kumar says

    Very nice article thanks

  6. harpreet says

    hi, very good articles
    thanks for sharing keep up the good work

  7. nitin says

    thanks fr the great information that you have provided here

  8. Jaspal Singh says

    I have recently started my YouTube channel and your blog is really helpful in providing up to the mark information on making money. Keep writing and inspiring.

  9. ankit meena says

    very useful article thanks man for sharing

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