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Where to Promote Affiliate Links to Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is a hug market where companies provide affiliate programs to the people and later on affiliates promote their links to generate commissions and make money on web. There are lots of new bloggers who start their blogs to make money and affiliate marketing is the biggest key to make money. It is not important that you may have a blog to start with affiliate marketing you can directly sign up on with any eCommerce site and start selling their products to generate money.

So, here am going to tell you that where you can promote your affiliate links to generate a good money. If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, then read out the following post on what Affiliate marketing is and how it’s work.

Tip : You can use or any short URL service. To short your affiliate link, so that people don’t get annoy with your long affiliate links.

Where to Promote Affiliate Links to Make Money Online

The Social Media

You can generate your Affiliate link by signing up at any ecommerce website your product selling website and share your affiliate link into social media platforms. Many of your friends on Facebook or Twitter require products, so if you share your link on your social profiles then it may good for them as well as for you also.  If you are a facebook Page owner then you can share it with your audience, but it all depends upon your strategy.

Forums and Discussions

Join Forums related to your affiliate program and communicate with people there, don’t forget to leave your affiliate link as people may visit that and make a purchase, which vice-versa converts into commission for you. There are lots of forums to join you can directly search them on internet. The best one is yahoo question and answer forum, it is SEO friendly as well as many people visit the forum, so the ratio of getting a sell is much high.

Phone Contacts and WhatsApp

I still remember the day I join the Flipkart Affiliate Program and there is a very cool mobile handset launched, I pass my affiliate link on each of contact I have on my WhatsApp. One of my senior at collage make a purchase and with-in 2 weeks I got paid with 5% of actual product rate as commission. This is about Rs.1000 and on those days this is very much for me as I am a collage going boy.

So, you can also use this way to promote your affiliate link and generate a sell.

Word of Mouths

This is basically Offline mode promotion, If you are with a reference affiliate program Company, then they may give you some coupon or your referral ID. So, you can give your referral ID or coupon code to make money.

So, these are some of the point where you can promote your affiliate link and generate a commission. Still have any query or doubt related to the affiliate marketing, you can comment below.

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