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What is Affiliate Marketing and How It’s Work

Hello People, Today’s world is the developed world and there are many ways to earn money whether online or Offline. But still there are some of the things which allow you to make money from both ways. Today am going to share one of that type of thing which allow you to generate a good money Online and Offline both.

As the title says it all, am here going to tell you about the Affiliate Marketing, if you are New to this word then let me introduce you with Affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is like promoting a product or refer product to a person and earn commission from the provider.

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There are many new Bloggers who ask this from me on social media and about the working process of Affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing just an another revolutionary part of making money from internet and you can do this whether online from your Blog, Website, Social Profiles or Offline by words of mouth.

In Affiliate marketing, the provider provides you a link which is called Affiliate Link and when someone visit that link and make a purchase you got the commission. There are lots of Companies who offers Affiliate Program. yo can join their affiliate program by signing up and start promoting their products.

Now, How Affiliate Marketing Works and How you got paid ?

” In Simple Language Affiliate Marketing is JOIN > Get Link > Promote > Make Money “

So, here am taking an example of a web hosting company, I visit a web hosting company and join their affiliate program and simply sign up. Now that Hosting Company gives me an affiliate link which contain my affiliate ID, Now all i have to just share this link. In other words i can say that my business is going to start with that affiliate link.

Suppose, your friend is requiring a web hosting for his collage project or any other work. Refer him your affiliate link and tell him to make a purchase, Your friend got the web hosting and you earn commission.

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Many company take approx NET30 or NET60 way of payment which means you get your payment in next 30 or within 60 days.

Here are My Details on Affiliate Marketing from BlueHost

This is my Affiliate Link :

bluhost affiliate

As you can see above, the Screenshot of the commission create and money. This is the example of Bluehost Web hosting company but you can also try any other company.

Affiliate Markting let you to make as much money as you can, but it all depends upon you strategy. I took the example of a web hosting company but you can join the affiliate programs of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay and many other Ecommerce companies.

Go Now and Start make money from the Affiliate Marketing, Still have any doubt or query feel free to Contact me or Just Drop your Comment below.

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