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Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing Online

Hello people, today am going to share some of the WordPress plugins which helps you to extract your affiliate marketing strategy in terms of making money online. Affiliate marketing is one of the best method to make money from a website, in this marketing all you do to refer someone and earn money. this is quite cool and genuine way to make an amount from your blog.

WordPress is SEO friendly as well as easy to use platform, many of bloggers are using WordPress as their CMS (content management system), upon this thing I here share some of the WordPress plugins useful for affiliate marketing online. So, let’s start the list.

Best WordPress Plugins Useful for Affiliate Marketing Online

Thirsty Affiliate

Thirsty affiliate is a great plugin for all the affiliate marketers, this is something which kills the annoying URLs and make them friendly, for example when ever you associate with a company, they give you your affiliate link, which is quite long and you feel embarrass when you share that URL with your friends or mates.

Here is Thirsty affiliate for you, what Thirsty affiliate do is clearly described below have a look.

Your Affiliate link :

Thirsty Affiliate Cloak Link :

it makes that long and bored link to awesome link, you can change the slug as well, i use ‘recommends’ you can use as per your wish.


SkimLinks is a very effective way to double your affiliate marketing earnings and also a great short URL maker, you can share your affiliate link to all over the internet with SkimLinks.

using SkimLinks is quite easy also, all you need to add the code given by SkimLinks to your website and it add the affiliate link into the text of your post.

Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine is an essential plugin of you are associate with amazon and selling their products on your website. You can also use this plugin for iTunes also.

Amazon Link engine helps you to all the affiliate link in your blog post and decrease the efforts.

Floating Ad with Tracking

Floating Ad with Tracking is one of the best way to promote your affiliate link and generate great sales, all you need to add a picture related to your affiliate brand and your affiliate links. Place the Floating ad widget into sidebar and it floats at sidebar.

So visitors are become more friendly with your affiliate and may you generate a sale also. The best part of the plugin is you cab track the link clicks and impressions. If the impression and clicks are low the you need to change the picture and have to add some eye-catching picture.

Above mentioned plugins are good for you if you are doing affiliate marketing, you can also give opinion on your Best WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing online.

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