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How To Customize YouTube Channel

Hello People, these days YouTube is one of the best entertainment place and many people are comes in connect with it, there are many artists and creative people, who are start their own channel and upload some videos to show the world, what they can do or how they can give you solutions on particular problems. If you are a YouTube channel owner than this post is going to be very useful for you as here am going to tell you that how you can customize  YouTube Channel.

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy, But Customize YouTube Channel is little bit effort and time taking, so all you have to sign up at and later directly navigate to YouTube.

Let’s Start with Basic Customize YouTube Channel

  • Sign in to YouTube with your Gmail account.

Customize YouTube Channel

  • Click on the profile at right top corner and click on Create Channel.

Customize YouTube Channel

  • Give  a Cool name to your Channel and your channel creation is finish.

Customize YouTube Channel

Now, Just like other social media profiles, you have to upload a display picture and your channel art.

If you are having a Display Picture and channel art, then kindly upload it or if you are not having a proper display picture and channel art, then you can create it with

Recommend : How To Make Money From YouTube without Adsense is a free tool to create cool YouTube channel art, You can See BindassBlogger YouTube Channel.

After uploading the display picture and YouTube channel art, the next step is to Verify your YouTube channel y using your mobile number.

You can click on this link ‘YouTube Feature‘ , it will navigate you to the verify screen and later you can verify your YouTube channel. also you can watch some others features too for a good YouTube journey.

Some of the Tips before Uploading Your First Video

  • Don’t use any copyright material on your YouTube channel, as because of this your channel get effected and your video may not comes in search results.
  • Try to upload clear and good quality videos so that viewer do not get irritate because of quality
  • Your Video Title and Thumbnail must be eye catching so that people watch your video.
  • Use good and quality tags and keywords for your video.

Above tips are just some basic tips which are quite good to make you start a YouTube Channel, Some other tips are soon to be update on this topic.

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